Locktender House, Raritan Canal
Princeton University
Spring 2021 Studio
Instructor: Elisa Silva
A grafting exploration through section and transparency; my renovation of the Kingstone Locktender’s House wishes to place the structure itself on display.  Sitting on the Delaware and Raritan Canal, the house becomes part of landscape and a place to traverse and explore rather than a destination. The grafting process seeks to reimagine and redefine the original house in a three tiered approach: original brick core, glass extension and final perforation.

The house navigates the viewer throughout its spaces in its own choreography: the outer glass shell is an extrusion of the original brick walls, with an axial tilt in plan. The glass wrapper offers a pseudo exterior familiarity, where one is protected from the elements but through which the sky and wind nevertheless puncture through fixed public openings. The project takes reference in Alvar Aalto’s Experimental House and the PC Caritas by Vylder Vinck Taillieu architects.