The 18% Movement
Research, Design
MIT Architecture
Cultivating Critical Practice
Instructor: Ana Miljacki,  with: Jacob Payne
Cambridge, MA

Join the Movement! We, the 18%, are sending out this call to all architects to unite in our mission, to gain control of our labor and redefine the paths we tread. Let our collective voice demand not merely fairer compensation, but a reckoning for both the creative and non-creative labors we invest. Awake to the truth that architecture, our craft, exists in a perpetual state of undervaluation - its labor, construction, materials and extraction costs unseen and unappreciated.

Small firms: this call is directed at you!

Become the beating heart of this movement. It is time to affix proper vlaue to our work, to appraise our architectural endeavors for what they are truly worth. On our own, the fear of maintaining competitive pricing is crippling, but together, we shall all rise and raise our fees - to 18%!”

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