TLV Arts Complex
Bezalel Academy of the Arts
Studio Spring 2021
Study Abroad, B.Arch Program
Instructor: Arch. Daniel Zarhy
Creating an Arts Complex at the heart of a residential, long forgotten neighborhood. The site was previously a community center whose aging neighbors remember it as a childhood playground, chess club and home. The Complex represents a place to wander, grounded by three core nucleuses that house the arts programs (performance hall, workshop spaces, artists' studios and dance spaces). The upper floors are private, with a rooftop garden, while the ground floor remains public so as not to segment the public space, and connect between artists and community.

The roof is referential to Burle Marx's tropical gardens in Brazil, while the industrial concrete materiality is a nod towards the White City Brutalism. The experimental 'floating' form takes after the poetics of 'Ufnau Island Summer Restaurant' (2003) project by Peter Zurnthor.
The studio pedagogically mimicked the process of a competition entry, designing with strict programmatic parameters for a defined site.